New T-shirt by Rei Bruxo!

The new Rei Bruxo t-shirt is now available!

It’s a Fruit of the Loom® Valueweight™ black t-shirt with gold logo. High-quality​ handmade screen printing by portuguese company Antiprysm.

Get yours now:

New single on September 15th!

My band Rei Bruxo is dropping a new single called “Derrocada” on September 15th! Save it now on YouTube and Spotify.

VIDEO: Live with Sullen at Comendatio Music Fest

Here’s a new video with a compilation of moments from my gig with Sullen at Comendatio Music Fest 2019.

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VIDEO: Recording piano for a soundtrack

Here’s a short video of me recording my Gustav Lehmann upright piano with a pair of Neumann® KM184™.

This is the music I composed for the soundtrack of Primavera Selvagem, by Ensemble – Sociedade de Actores, which will premiere on July 18th, 2019 at Teatro Nacional São João.


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