Excerpt from “Madalena” (2013)

Hi folks! New video update! This one is an excerpt from “Madalena”, a creation of Ensemble – Sociedade de Actores for which I composed a special soundtrack to be played live by me – on an 8-string electric guitar – and my buddy Marcelo Aires on drums! You may recognize him from my other bands Pãodemónio and Pinturas Negras. I developed this music making heavy use of the octatonic scale and polyrhythmic riffs to induce and express the thoughts and feelings of guilt, fear and lostness experienced by the main character.

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New live video! Improvised intro for “Efeitos Secundários” (Pãodemónio)

Hello! Here’s another live video from my performance with Pãodemónio live at Bragança Jazz 2017. This time it’s an improvised intro to the piece “Efeitos Secundários” (from Pãodemónio’s debut “Pirraças Pueris“).

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New live video! Synth solo on “Órbita” by Pãodemónio!

Hey everyone! Check out my latest video of me playing this crazy synth solo on the piece “Órbita” (from Pãodemónio‘s upcoming second album) live at the festival Bragança Jazz 2017!

I’m using the Arturia Minibrute synthesizer to generate white noise and manipulate it with the onboard LFO and its various waveshapes. I’m also using the modulation wheel as a controller for the filter cutoff!

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New Website!

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