Keyboard solo for Pete!

Here’s a keyboard solo I did for my friend Pedro Mendes!

If you want me to play on your song hit me up at SoundBetter!

Filmed by Sofia Fernandes.

Ahh, the classic quarantine buzzcut…

I’ve been tracking bass for Sullen‘s new album and this is my first attempt at a slap bass line.

Sadly, not my first attempt at a buzzcut…

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The Triptych

Bandcamp is once again waiving their revenue share for all sales on the platform, this time on three separate days!

May 1, June 5, and July 3 (the first Friday of each month)

Even if you don’t want to buy music or merch from the artists, consider signing up for a Bandcamp fan account and follow them! You’ll be on your way to discover new music and, who knows, maybe you’ll even uncover some hidden gems and be hooked for days! 😄

Bandcamp Community

I’ve always treasured Bandcamp as a platform for its ethics and its focus on music.
Now it’s even better with the introduction of the Community section, allowing artists and fans to interact at a closer level, while keeping the emphasis on sharing music and supporting the artists!

If you love music and want to experience it in a more meaningful way, join the community: