ORDUAK is out now!

Orduak is a vertiginous descent to the depths of a non-place made of desertion and desolation: the meditation of a drunken man, the riddle of an ineffable life, the infinite sleep. We crossed a shattered poem spread over noisy gaps, we rescued a memory of human voice, of language.

Created, recorded and produced by Dullmea and Ricardo Pinto using voice and electronics between June and August 2021 in Portugal.
Mixed and mastered by Ricardo Pinto.
Artwork photo by Dullmea design by Ricardo Pinto.

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New album announcement!


I made an album with Dullmea!

It will drop on November 25th and you can pre-order it here.

Enjoy the sort-of-making-of-and-teaser video:

DULLMEA released new music!

Dullmea just released three new tracks that were mastered by me!

These are the three parts of La Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri, and they were added to [dʊl’mjə̯], which is Dullmea’s latest on-going album!

You can listen to this astoundingly beautiful music here:

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