Recording new songs for REI BRUXO

Here’s some footage from this week’s sessions at Stone Sound Studio, with Ricardo Oliveira, recording two new songs for my band REI BRUXO with Marcelo Aires and Sofia Fernandes! We’re very proud of these new tunes and we can’t wait to share them with you in two awesome new music videos! Coming soon!

In the meantime, check out our debut single “Caverna” at our website, BandCamp, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, etc.

Thank you for watching!

Synth solo on a cover of “Disciple”, by Slayer

Hey folks!

Today I bring you a (really) short synth solo I did yesterday for my friend Max (Colosso, Lacrau, Axia) on his cover of “Disciple” by Slayer! I’m playing my Korg MicroKey 37 into Logic Pro X’s internal ES2 synth (software instrument). I also used FabFilter plugins Pro-Q2 and Saturn to beef up the sound! 🙂

Thank you for watching!

See ya!

“Haiku”, by Pedro Berdäyes

This weekend I’ll be at RESAD Madrid for the premiere of “Haiku”, by Pedro Berdäyes (RCPD Mariemma) for which I composed a 15min. piece for piano and electronics. The show will be performed by a group of wonderful dancers which includes my sister Diana Jorge!


Premiere of “Quarteto Para o Fim dos Tempos”!

Today I’ll be premiering “Quarteto Para o Fim dos Tempos” (Quartet For The End of Time), by Olivier Messiaen, a theater play directed by Jorge Pinto and produced by Ensemble – Sociedade de Actores at the Sala Nobre of Universidade Lusófona do Porto at 21h30!

It is such a privilege and a pleasure to play with extraordinary musicians like Frederic Cardoso (clarinet), Mário Siegle (violin) and Filipe Quaresma (cello)!