Solo piano debut. Credits: performance, recording, artwork and production.


Second single by Rei Bruxo. Credits: composition, guitar, bass, back-vocals, mixing and mastering.


First single by Rei Bruxo. Credits: composition and guitar.


Debut of Pãodemónio. Credits: composition, keyboards, mixing, mastering and production.


Debut of Pinturas Negras. Credits: composition, guitars, bass and keyboards.


Debut of Triedro. Credits: piano, mixing, mastering and production.


Debut of portuguese artist Dullmea. Credits: mixing and mastering.

Debut of Phantom Trio. Credits: mixing and mastering.

Credits: piano on “Affair”, “Lebab Void” and “Cruel With Us”.

Credits: piano on “Domingo”.

Credits: keyboards on “Beautiful Life” and “Survive”.

Credits: piano on “Overcast”.